The Pursuit Of ‘Hoppiness’ – Craft Beer Resturants You Have To Visit

by | Mar 1, 2016 | News | 0 comments

It is no secret that South Africans are a cheery bunch of people who like to enjoy a range of alcoholic beverages (responsibly, of course.) However, the vaping community seems to be wary of the dangers of whiskey business and tends to favour the golden goodness of malted barley, hops and water.

While there are special craft beer restaurants and vape bars in America you could visit to enjoy the way in which vape flavours complement the unique flavours of craft beer, it might be just a little too far out of your way. As always, local is lekker and Johannesburg boasts some impressive craft beer restaurants you absolutely have to visit.

If you can barley stand to go without your craft beer fix, indulge your inner hopivore at the top five craft beer restaurants to vape at in the city of gold:


Living up to their not-so-subtle name, the Beerhouse in Fourways took the road trip song seriously and boast 99 bottles of beer of various flavours (and 20 taps.) Their prices are reasonable, their collection diverse and you can even give back to the community with their #PintForAPurpose campaign.

The Griffin

This craft beer gastropub in the heart of Illovo pays homage to the best craft beer from home and abroad. They have seven craft beers and a cider on tap as well as a range of flavourful and unusual imported bottled beers like the UK’s Wells Bombardier as well as a selection of local bottled craft beers.


Part bistro and part craftbar, Foundry in Parktown North combines artisanal craft beers with wood-fired dishes and seasonal produce, even offering beer-inspired dishes. They have an impressive selection of local and imported craft beer, and also have their very own brew which uses mainly Pilsen malt and is brewed in a traditional German brewhouse.

Chalkboard Cafe

Attached to Maboneng’s popular independent cinema, The Bioscope, this little gem of a craft beer bar and pizzeria has a large variety of craft beers, including local Joburg brews from Three Skulls Brew Works, and Midlands-based Nottingham Road Brewing Company. In addition, you can get creative and scribble on the chalkboard walls and tables while sipping your way through their lengthy list of beers.

Social on Main

When looking for craft beer restaurants to vape at, this chic cocktail bar and kitchen in Bryanston is ideal. With an extensive variety of both tap and bottled craft beers and several vaping patrons, you can cure all your ale-ments by enjoying the complimentary tastes of craft beer and e-liquid flavours.

Many members of the vaping community enjoy the unique tastes of craft beer which goes well with e-liquids, especially seeing as there are so many vape flavours available. Sweeter beers are complemented by e-liquid flavours like root beer and cookies and cream while those who appreciate bolder tastes will enjoy their beer with an e-liquid such as mochacino.