THe Hobbyist’s Guide To Vaping

by | May 2, 2016 | News | 0 comments

Vaping for the Love of it

Vaping started out as an elegant alternative to smoking, and in reaching the mark it has exploded on the scene as a new and ever growing cultural phenomenon. As the popularity of vaporizers grows, so too does a communal passion in its potential to become an exciting hobby and way of life, complete with competitions, customizable gear, and the creation of a selection of unique flavors that have enjoyed a passionate enthusiasm amongst their consumers that has not since been felt in any industry since the inception of the concept of wine tasting. Yes vaping has taken an ugly habit like smoking and given it a healthier alternative which is being embraced as a way of life for hobbyists, the world over; and here is how.

Fully customizable Rigs

There are a range of different vaping products on the market, each one with their own unique strong selling points from starter packs to extensions and additions that can be fitted to increase performance, enjoyment and experimentation. But for a great many vape enthusiasts, over the counter, standard setups are not enough. Extreme hobbyist have taken to customizing their rigs with unique coils, specialized tanks, display enabled cases, decals and flavors that have set their rigs apart from the norm. You can get your own fully customizable rigs by buying vaporizer kits and e-cigarettes for sale online.

A range of delicious and unique flavors

The selection of e-liquid flavors to experience in your vape are endless, and brand new products are being released constantly. Getting bored with your current flavours? Why not give Strawberry Lemoncake or Pear and Caramel a try? Many happy vapers take enjoyment in losing themselves in the discovery of new and wonderful flavors; from those nostalgic ones that remind us of the bowls of cereal we consumed as children, to exotic honey laden fruity tastes that get the mouthwatering, the selections are truly endless.

The revitalizing of alchemy

Enthusiasm into vaping has reached new heights thanks to those who have taken an interest in creating their own flavors. Purchasing the base ingredients for mixing your own flavors is possible in most stores where they sell the vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring and nicotine solutions needed for experimentation

World-class competitions

And if the exciting world of experimentation and custom vape-kits are not enough for you to see why vaping is a global phenomenon, you may be surprised to find that there is a competitive culture of vaping right here in our own streets of Johannesburg. Here are plenty of vaping competitions to be found on the streets where professional enthusiasts compete for the largest and longest vape-lines, the best custom rigs and the most experimental flavors to be showcased to the public. Such competitions include the JHB Meet Cloud comps which take place in our bustling city regularly.

So why not get involved in the exciting world of vaping, there is so much to experience and even more enjoyment to be had. Contact Vapers Corner for more information.