Beginner Vape Tricks

by | Jul 1, 2016 | News | 0 comments

Impress Your Friends

If you’ve taken to vaping culture like I have, you might want to have the odd assortment of tricks and talents up your sleeve, akin to those pro-vapers we see creating huge plumes of smokes, spinning rings and swirling vortexes on the internet. The good news is that it doesn’t exactly take hours of gruelling practice to nail these tricks, especially not the easiest of the lot out there. So if you were looking to learn some new gags to awe the crowd, be sure to practice these few easy techniques.

The Mushroom Cloud

If the name is a little hard-core for you, then let’s call it the snap-inhale. The idea behind this trick is to incorporate sunned movements of air to force the vapour into a mushroom shape as it comes out of your mouth. Start by taking a large hit of your favourite vape, and let it collet in your mouth for a few seconds. Then, in one movement, push all of the vapour out of your mouth in a big ball and quickly inhale as it comes out. The forced movement of air behind the cloud will force it to change shape, creating an awe inspiring mushroom cloud.

The Dragon

This one is so easy it’s almost not worth putting in a blog, but everyone needs to start somewhere. Embrace your inner serpent by creating the illusion of a mythical creature streaming vapour from its face. Look, it is more impressive than I’ve made it sound there. Take a huge hit of your vape, and avoid the temptation to inhale, letting it gather and thicken in your mouth. Then simply exhale slowly through your nose and mouth at the same time, allowing the vape to linger a little as it comes out. The results of which are not entirely unlike watching a dragon viciously steaming in its lair.

The Waterfall

This classic smokers trick takes advantage of the fact that when it is condensed, water vapour has some weight to it. By taking a huge hit of your vape while not inhaling, you can funnel it through a tube or into a drinking bottle as it comes out (so long as you blow it out carefully and slowly. As the vape clings to tabletops and falls through the air of its preferred container, it will stream down as though it was liquid, and create an eerie fog over the surface of your table-top.

Everyone’s favourite: The Tornado

This trick looks easier than it actually is, but with a little practice will impress even the unimpressible… maybe. Start by taking a huge drag of your vape and avoid inhaling. As with the other tricks, be sure to let the vapour condense in your mouth for a bit before exhaling slowly over a table-top, letting it linger over the surface. Now for the difficult part. Chop at the vapour with your arm, then flick your wrist and lift your arm all in one movement. The effect, if you get it right, is a thick swirl of mist rising off of the table-top like the coolest tornado you will ever see.

If you want to get practicing these tricks, then there is only one piece of equipment you’ll need, and that is your very own vape. To get one, consider buying vaporiser kits and e-cigarettes online at Vaper’s Corner’s website, or visit their brick and mortar store in Pretoria.