The good news about vaping

by | Oct 14, 2021 | News | 0 comments

The good news about vaping is that smokers know the price tag on a box of cigarettes. Many have looked into vaping as an alternative – whether to save a few bucks, or to look cool, or as a stepping stone to smoking less or even kicking the habit permanently.

Their main concern is this: is vaping really safer than smoking, or will some alien condition befall them after a few draws?

Good news! The latest research supports the notion that vaping is indeed the safer alternative. According to a recent study by the Royal College of Physicians in the UK, there are definite benefits to switching smokes for vapour – benefits that you’ll start experiencing immediately.

Vaping beats tabacco smoking hands down percentage-wise

Many studies over the last few years have proven that vaping is up to 95% less harmful than smoking. It’s early days, and studies are still being conducted on the long-term effects of vapour inhalation. But the evidence so far is overwhelmingly in favour of vaping.

No tacky tar

We all know about the emphysema- and cancer-causing qualities of cigarette smoke, and in particular the damage done by the tar that is inhaled. Not only does the tar form a sticky layer inside the lungs – it also attaches to other parts of the body, such as inside the lower legs, where it can literally be seen as a black substance damming up from the ankles upwards.

This is perhaps the greatest health advantage of vaping: the complete absence of tar and other toxic substances that are produced when a cigarette burns.

At last – rules that won’t cramp your style

In this writer’s opinion, there are far too many prescriptions in the world. But when it comes to protecting my health, I’m all for laying down some rules.

So, good thing that vaping products are subject to ever stricter product standards to minimise consumers’ exposure to harmful ingredients. This applies to both the devices and the liquids.

However much nicotine floats your boat

Vaping offers instant gratification. You can buy a new device, set it up and immediately feel the effect of the nicotine. Hassle-free smoking, without the smell and the cost. But one of the greatest conveniences is that you can control the amount of nicotine you consume. Suppliers offer not only a wide variety of brands and flavours to choose from, but also different percentages of nicotine.

Traditional cigarettes vary in strength between products and brands. Vapes differ between e-liquids and type of pod. You can adjust the strength of your liquid, with further adjustments to the heat of the coil and thus the amount of vapour.

You get to decide just how much nicotine you want in each draw, giving you control over not only your total daily nicotine consumption but also tapering off excessive amounts, if you are aiming for that.

In effect, you get to decide what level of nicotine you feel safe with.


Research is suggesting that switching to a vape will benefit your health, now and in the long run. And a vape just looks and smells so much better. That’s a win-win in anyone’s book.