Getting the most of your vape’s battery

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Getting the most from your vape’s battery

We all know that sinking feeling – the anticipation of a long, sweet draw from your most favourite electronic device (and let’s face it, our vapes are quite close to our hearts). And then… nothing! Battery gone!

But aside from devising a charging routine to keep the good stuff flowing, there are other reasons for giving attention to how you treat your vape battery. One of the reasons why vapes or e-cigarettes have such a bad rap, is that it seems to make the news only due to bad news – mostly because of batteries exploding. The main reason for this is bad management of your device, using fake parts and not storing it correctly.

Ensuring that your e-device’s battery is in good nick will not only extend the life of your device but also ensure that you avoid any unpleasant incidents.

Avoid extreme temperatures

A vape is much like us: it likes being cool (!), and it likes being dry. Ever forget your device on a table out in the rain after a braai? Or, lo and behold, left it to the mercy of the sun on the dash of your car? Oops! Except to be in for a new one sometime soon – his type of treatment could shorten its lifespan quite considerably. Always keep your device and batteries cool and dry for longevity.

Follow the instructions

Depending on your device it’s important to unplug it when it’s done charging. As technology develops, batteries and chargers get better and will give you a longer battery span, but it’s still better to unplug as soon as you have a full charge. Overcharging could damage your battery.

Conversely, try not to let the battery die completely. For one thing, it’ll take more power to charge from zero per cent than if it had a bit of charge left.

Never use a battery that looks damaged in any way or that has been in contact with moisture. It’s a good idea to give your device’s batteries a once-over every now and again, inspecting them for damage or anything untoward. Any impact, like dropping your device, could damage the batteries and cause pressure to build up. This could lead to an explosion. Make sure no damage has been caused if you ever should drop it.

And by the way, always make sure you dispose of old batteries responsibly the moment it they don’t hold their charge any longer.

Storing your device

If you won’t be using your device for any period of time, charge it to 100% before storing it – this will prolong your battery life. Make sure it’s turned off completely before putting it away. This will ensure the button isn’t accidentally activated when not in use. Most devices have a safety lock feature, like pressing the power button a few times or holding it in for a few seconds.

Also important is to disconnect the tank and emptying any e-fluids – if your device allows for this – before storage. Leaving the tank connected could draw power, shortening the battery life. The tank could also leak, resulting in damage to the battery and other parts of the device.

Remember: Any battery prefers to be used regularly. Like with your car’s battery, using your vape often could give you better results, while leaving it in storage for too long could result in damage.

Use the right charger

Most of the reported instances of batteries in e-devices exploding were due to the use of off-brand or incorrect chargers.

It is tempting to save a buck or two by buying off-brand equipment, but beware – cheap alternatives could be hazardous to your own safety, and they could damage your device and batteries.

Another safety measure is to ensure that the battery is charged with the right power output. Most laptops and phone chargers are too powerful to charge a vape with.

Safety alert: Only ever use factory chargers and follow the instructions that came with your device. Vaper’s Corner stocks a wide variety of battery packs and chargers, especially designed for your device.

Never leave a charging battery unattended

It is good practice not to leave any type of rechargeable battery unattended while plugged into a power source. Batteries are classed as hazardous objects, and the charging procedure could lead to accidents. You don’t have to sit and watch your device while it is on charge, but do place it somewhere visible, apart from other objects that could be damaged if there were an incident, and check it every now and again. It’s a good idea to put a reminder on your phone or watch so you can take off charge once the battery is full, too, so it doesn’t overheat.

If your battery should start overheating or making a hissing sound while charging, it’s time to replace it.


Your device will be safe to use as long as you follow the guidelines. Make sure you use only factory products, charge it with its own hardware, and store it safely, in a cool dry place. That way you you’ll be able to enjoy your device for much longer, without having to replace the batteries too often, and you’ll avoid any preventable accidents.