Choosing the right e-liquid flavour

by | Feb 15, 2022 | News | 0 comments

You have chosen your device and you’ve got your vape kit together. But what about e-liquids? Which flavour to go for?

Vaper’s Corner stocks the widest range of flavours imaginable. From our top-selling Binjai Juice grape ice to Pure Blue’s mixed berries, there is something for everyone.

No matter what device you have – whether it is an entry-level e-cig or a sub-ohm that cost more than a month’s rent – you need the best e-juice to get the greatest fulfilment.

It’s all in the flava …

If the vapour is tasteless or not enjoyable, chances are you’re going to tuck away the device and either take up old habits or just flush the money already spent down the drain. Choosing a flavour is probably the hardest for any new vape user.

Advice: If the flavour doesn’t give you the satisfaction that you crave, switch. Don’t just stick to a brand or flavour. You might like strawberry-flavoured ice cream but find that the strawberry vaping version tastes like eau de toilette. Not all e-liquids are the same. Not all pallets are the same. Just like choosing a perfume, choosing the right brand and flavour is what is important here.

Don’t give up after trying only one or two products!

Tobacco flavoured e-liquids

Many vapers, especially smokers trying to switch, look for an e-liquid that gives them the same taste they used to get from smoking tobacco. This is problematic, mostly because cigarettes – or even pipes – taste dreadful. We get addicted to the nicotine, and as an afterthought we get used to the flavour. You learn to deal with the flavour and get used to it over time.

It is nearly impossible to replicate that same flavour in an e-liquid. What can be replicated, though, is the taste of tobacco – but that is obviously what it tastes and smells like before being lit. It’s like the difference between smoking a cigarette and drinking tea made from fresh tobacco leaves – not nearly the same flavour profile.

Yet, some do enjoy these artificial tobacco flavours, especially if it contains a bit of sweetness or vanilla to enhance the taste. Why not try the Hazelnut Tobacco e-liquid or Horny Flava’s Coffee Tobacco Liquid?

Advice: You will never be able to replace the taste of cigarettes with a vape. BUT … you can learn to enjoy the various flavours available on the market. Just like you would choose a certain brand of cigarettes, you will find the flavour you enjoy most by trying out different ones. It might be one flavour in the morning with your coffee, and a subtler choice with a glass of vino at night. Don’t be too narrow-minded. Experiment!


Choosing your first e-liquid is purely based on your own needs and desires. You might not find, first time round, the perfect flavour that you pictured while reading the labels. But with the huge range available at Vaper’s Corner, the sky’s the limit –– you will eventually find the right fit for you. The best advice: don’t give up if at first you don’t succeed!