Deciphering the label on your e-liquids

by | Feb 15, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Apart from the flavour, what is the right strength for you when it comes to choosing an e-liquid? Especially if you took up vaping to quit smoking cigarettes, the strength of the juice plays a massive role. But what do the numbers on the label even mean?

What is a milligram on the label?

E-liquids are labelled with the strength of the product in milligrams. This refers to the strength of the nicotine in the e-juice – and it can be as low as zero milligrams. In certain countries, like Australia, dealers are only allowed to sell 0% strength.

A rough guide is to choose a higher nicotine content if you prefer a mouth-to-lung device. If you’d rather have a cloudier experience with a high VG and you are using a sub-ohm device, you would want to go lower: 9 mg and less.

Many vapers trying to kick cigarette smoking choose an e-liquid that looks equal to the strength of a cigarette. The idea is then to cut down in strength over time until, ideally, quitting completely. This tends to backfire, though.

Advice: To start with, just aim for the middle,. You can always increase the strength over time, but starting out with a high nicotine content could put you off vaping forever. A high nicotine content could lead to coughing or a burning sensation in your throat. Less is more! Start off lower … and if you feel you’re not getting the satisfaction you crave, vape a little more and bump up your next batch.

What about VG and PG?

Vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are the main components of any e-liquid and are added to enhance its attributes. Other than VG and PG, e-liquids could contain nicotine, distilled water and flavouring agents. Most of your e-liquids are composed mainly of these components.

PG carries flavour really well, while VG doesn’t carry as much flavour but will give you a much billowier vapour cloud and a softer hit in your throat. High-PG e-liquids form a smaller cloud but enhance the hit you get from each puff.

So how to choose? If you’re aiming for a flavour burst, go for a higher PG. But if a billowing cloud does it for you, choose a liquid with a higher VG.

In the past, most commercial liquids contained VG and PG in equal parts. These days, though, people tend to want bigger clouds, and so a higher ratio of VG has become the norm. The ratio can be as high as 75-25%, especially when mixed for high-ohm devices.

Some devices are designed specifically for a mouth-to-lung experience. These devices use the thinner PG/VG mixtures, but with enhanced flavour and more nicotine.

Advice: Aim for the best ratio for your device. Smaller vaping holes are designed for a stronger hit. Bigger tanks and bigger coils with wider vaping holes are designed for a bigger cloud.


Start by experimenting with a medium-range nicotine content, and adjust from there. For high flavour, opt for a higher PG; a higher VG, again, will give you a bigger cloud.