2022 vaping trends – Part II

by | May 5, 2022 | News | 0 comments

In our last blog, we looked at some of the vaping trends set to change the face of the vaping world in 2022. As a reminder, these were:

  • #1 Flavours – anything goes
  • #2 Devices – small yet efficient
  • #3 Stricter regulation (sorry)
  • #4 Smartphone-oriented devices?
  • #5 Ice, ice baby (ice liquids)

Read more about these [here]. Let’s see what else made the list. 

#6 Caffe latte, anyone?

Caffeinated vape liquids are banned in many countries, but this hasn’t affected their popularity.  If these regulations change, sales of caffeinated vape pods may increase considerably. The interesting combination of caffeine and nicotine could attract a large number of vapers, eager to try out the new experience.

#7 Chuck it away 

Disposable vapes are small vaping devices that are pre-filled with liquid. They’re also pre-charged, so convenience and portability all in one. You can carry them literally anywhere. Previously not known for their quality and reliability, increased demand could see high quality disposable vapes in the near future and are becoming a major vaping trend.  

#8 Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

Vape accessories are as much a part of the package as the vape itself. Designed to provide a premium vaping experience, from batteries and single PCC to starter kits, these accessories are likely to enhance the vaping experience and make it more convenient for vapers.  

#9 Replacement cartridges

Refillable replacement pods are available as empty cartridges (refillable with no flavours) or with a variety of pre-filled flavours. With the convenience of cartridge replacement, you can be assured of the perfect vaping experience with less effort. 


Year after year, the industry rapidly evolves, and new waves of products are constantly emerging. While vaping trends come and go, the passion for the lifestyle remains consistent. Why not head on over to Vaper’s Corner and check out our products?