Ice, ice baby – menthol e-liquid

by | Jul 15, 2022 | News | 0 comments

There are countless e-liquid flavours with the word “ice” in their name, but what exactly does this mean?

Possibly not something that will be as popular in winter months as in summer, ice liquids combine enticing flavours with cool and refreshing ice.

So what is the ice?

The “ice” or “iced” part of an e-juice is generally menthol. We all know menthol for its fresh taste, and soothing, cooling effects – all of which complement the vapour that’s created by menthol vape juice. Iced vape juices are therefore the result of combining menthol with other e-liquid flavours.  

Why add it?

The reason it’s added to e-juices is that it makes the vapour feel cool when it’s inhaled. It also adds more of a throat hit sensation. This might not mean much to some vapers, but for others it’s a major selling factor, especially the many vapers who are former smokers with an appreciation for the throat hit that some vape juices can supply.

So it goes without saying that ice certainly has an appeal to ex-smokers who have given up menthol cigarettes in favour of e-cigarettes. Also, iced vape juices are popular not only for the fact that they often supply more of a throat hit, but also because they’re cool and refreshing.

Ever heard of vapers tongue?

Beyond their fresh taste and soothing effect, iced e-liquids are also useful for preventing and helping with what is known as vaper’s tongue – a lack of taste and smell for a particular flavour. So basically, after you’ve been vaping the same flavour of e-liquid for too long, you overload your tastebuds and begin to taste less and less of the flavour. The scientific term for this is ‘olfactory fatigue’ and the menthol contained in iced e-liquids has been known to help remedy it.

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