Get that throat punch with a pod mod

by | Sep 28, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Get that throat punch with a pod mod

Last time, we looked at the entry-level vaping device for beginners and those new to vaping – the cig-a-like. Let’s take a look at a similar device called a pod mod next.

What is it?

Pod mods are low-wattage devices that are similar to cig-a-likes. They use nicotine salt e-juices to give you that throat punch. If you like, they’re a new and improved version of the cig-a-like, and for those looking for the real thing feel, are the closest device on the market right now to smoking a cigarette.

There are two different types of pod mods:

  • Closed pod systems – these disposable devices have pods pre-filled with e-liquid. Once the pod’s finished, it’s replaced and you’re ready to go again.
  • Open pod systems – these are filled manually by buying your choice of nicotine salt e-liquid. On average, the cartridges can be refilled four or five times before you need to chuck them.

Both devices are low wattage. They’re draw activated, so there’s no button pushing at all. What could be easier!  

Common characteristics:

  • Low wattage (below 16W)
  • Use nicotine salt e-liquid (35 – 50mg)
  • Perfect for smokers new to vaping
  • Mouth-to-lung device
  • User-friendly and ultra-portable

Why choose a it?

Pod mods are good for smokers who are new to vaping. The transition from smoking to vaping is made smoother because of the high nicotine strength from the nicotine salt and the device’s user-friendliness. Because they’re so small, they’re easily carried in your pocket.

High nicotine strength, so a similar experience to smokingUltra-portable and pocket-friendlyUser-friendlyShort battery lifeLess cloud production (but because of the high nicotine strength this isn’t really an issue)


Time marches on and as designs evolve, newer devices like the pod mod become more popular. It’s all about ease of use and efficiency. Head on over to Vaper’s Corner and check out our cool range of Nic salts.