Top 5 Vape Flavours of 2018

Top 5 Vape Flavours of 2018

When it comes to finding the perfect vape flavours, everyone has their own special pick.  Some might prefer ones that taste of chocolate, whereas others prefer the rich tobacco flavour akin to cigars.  With that in mind, we had a look at our top-selling flavours for this year, and have put together a list of the top 5 sellers, based on your picks!


1. Alpha E-Liquid 120ml

The first vape flavour in our list the Alpha E-Liquid made by Emissary Elixirs.  This product topped our charts in vape flavour sales, and there’s a great deal of reasons why!  It brings back memories of breakfast cereals you’d eat as a child, with all of the tastes, and none of the unhealthy carbs and sugars.  It’s become popular due to its caramel flavour, and sweet taste.  What makes this vape flavour popular though, is that the nicotine strength comes in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. This means that casual vapers (who don’t want the nicotine) can still enjoy the taste that they grew up eating for breakfast.

Official Description:

Dulcet flakes of nutty corn, toasted until golden, then drenched in malty, full-cream milk layered with ribbons of glossy, soft-crack, caramel, and finished with a light dusting of powdered sugar.

Flavour Profile: Cornflakes, Milk, Caramel, Powdered Sugar


2. Flavair Mad Mango E-Liquid 120ml 3mg

Second on our top 5 list of vape flavours, is the Mad Mango flavour by Flavair.  Time and time again, the flavour of mangoes has proven to be a very popular treat.  Whether it’s in the form of juice, the fruit itself, or candied, everyone loves it.  However, they’re a seasonal fruit, and sometimes unavailable to the public.  Therefore when a company selling vape flavours offers the mango flavour all year round, customers are going to pounce on it!  The flavour is only available in 3mg strength, but don’t let that chase you away.  The flavour packs a punch, and that punch is a fruity one.  Give it a try, and pretty soon you’ll feel yourself transported to the jungles with this amazing vape flavour.

Official Description:

Every cat knows you need to stay one step ahead on the streets, it’s MAD. As the electric mango tingles at your senses, it starts stimulating your mind. Take a hit and let the smooth mango rush through your body. This liquid gives you a Mango state of Mind. It’s a MAD THING.

Served in a 120ML Authentic Chubby Gorilla bottle cased in a shoe styled box.

Flavour Profile: Mango


3. Blue Milk LIMITED EDITION E-Liquid 120ml 3mg

Third on our list of popular vape flavours for 2018, is the Blue Milk flavour by TKO.  Why is it popular, you ask?  Well, for many children, this flavour is a commonly-picked on when you’re out at a restaurant.  “Bubblegum milkshake!” is the request from every kid in the 90’s.  So when the flavour returns in a e-liquid format, all the now-grown kids want to try it again.  Why is this one the third-most bought flavour on our site?  Well, the normal Blue Milk comes in a 30ml or 60ml bottle.  As this is a limited edition 120ml bottle, we can only assume that vapers can’t get enough of this vape flavour, and so want to buy it in bulk.  Either way, it’s popular for a reason, and that one is nostalgic.

Official Description:

Blue Milk is a delicious, creamy thick, bubblegum infused milkshake guaranteed to take you back to your childhood.

Your favourite Blue Milkshake. Now available in a 120ml.

Flavour Profile: Bubblegum, Milkshake


4. SNLV 18 E-Liquid 100ml

Don’t let the name chase you away.  This fruity combo is one of the more popular vape flavours for a reason.  Have you ever wanted to have fruit salad and ice cream, but scared about the carbs? Well, that’s the hook that makes this vape flavour so popular.  It has strawberries, naartjies, and litchies…all of which are sweet, tangy, juicy fruits.  Then on top of that, they add vanilla (a key flavour in ice cream), and the results are a tasty combo of tangy, sweet, and juicy.  The fact that the 100ml bottle is the most popular variant of this vape flavour just goes to show that people can’t get enough of it, and it comes in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg strengths!

Official Description:

Bursting with flavour, this juice is sure to please every fruit lover! An orgasmic combo of mouth watering juicy fruits dance on your tastes buds!

Flavour Profile: Strawberry, Naartjie, Litchi, Vanilla and ??????????????????


5. Lekker Sweeties – Wicks Kougom E-liquid 60ml

The fifth popular flavour in our list, again appeals to the nostalgic side of all South African vapers.  When you were in school, you would go to the tuck shop with your cents, and get Wicks bubblegum.  Sadly they stopped making the chewing gum many years ago, and all the schoolkids of yesteryear thought that all hope was lost.  Then Puffy Puffs created the Wicks Kougom flavour, and hope was found!  It has the musk flavour, and the spearmint flavour from the original wicks gum that we all know and love, along with a slight touch of bubblegum too!  As it comes in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg strengths, it’s perfect for any and all vapers!

Official Description:

Wicks Kougom is the newest addition to Puffy Puffs growing e-liquid collection, perfected and made by hand in small batches. Wicks Kougom carries a remarkably accurate flavour of a nice soft bubblegum with a sweet musk and spearmint profile; it has a complex yet
immediately familiar taste that flawlessly balances the crispness of a newly opened wrapper. Wicks Kougom is a category-killer that stands out in a crowded category. Wicks Kougom is a nice soft bubblegum with a sweet musk and spearmint profile.

Flavour Profile : Musk, Spearmint, Bubblegum