Molecule 9 Nic Shot (3mg) 10ml


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This nicotine shot is intended for longfill use.

See example below:

In order to save you money, you’re going to have to make this bad boy yourself, fear not, our step by step guide will show you how:
1. This 120ml longfill bottle ONLY contains PG based flavourant. In order to make it vapable, you have to add:
2. 1x 3mg Nicotine Shot (SOLD SEPARATELY) for 3mg
3. 1x 6mg Nicotine Shot (SOLD SEPARATELY) for 6mg
4. For MTL users, 2x 6mg Nicotine Shots (SOLD SEPARATELY) for 12mg and lastly, top it up with VG (also sold separately – PLEASE NOTE IT ONLY WORKS WHEN ALL COMPONENTS ARE ADDED)

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