BP Mods Pro Vape Cotton


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BP Mods Pro Vape Cotton

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Product introduction
BP Mods Pro Vape Cotton is premium 100% organic long-staple cotton. It features fast wicking speed, fast flavor switching, high absorbing capacity, and high-temperature resistance. Tough fibers with fewer flocks, and High-temperature resistance.

Size: Diameter 2.5mm (Length 8.5M)
Diameter 3.0mm (Length 8.0M)

-Optimized long-staple cotton
-Tough fibers with fewer flocks
-Premium 100% organic ingredient
-Fast wicking speed
-Fast flavor switching
-High absorbing capacity
-High-temperature resistance

Package includes:
1 x BP Mods Pro Vape Cotton

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Additional information

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Cotton Diameter

2.5mm, 3.0mm

(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for BP Mods Pro Vape Cotton

  1. wsclaassen (verified owner)

    Great wicking material. Break in time is short and very little wasted using these strands.

  2. Adriaan (verified owner)

    Diameter is great for 2.5mm DL coils, little big still for finer MTL coils.
    Very little break in time and very easy to work with.
    Very little wastage and you get a lot of cotton in the container.

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