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Mavaton’s X cotton made from a non GMO cotton variety developed by the University of Arkansas.

Organically grown and processed by, LLC for an elite vaping experience.

Using only safe products to both produce and process, it is the worlds first USDA Certified Organic Cotton Wick.

Growing cotton in Eastern NC region tends to produce a thicker cotton fiber.

Thicker fiber withstands higher temperatures, ultimately providing the user a longer lasting wick.

Clean hands build a clean vape

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  1. lamberti.david (verified owner)

    I have tried almost every wicking material around. From Old school Muji pads, to Rayon and I can honestly say that Mavaton X In the best. Definitely not, for those new to wicking, but if you know what you are doing, the flavour and longevity will be unmatched. Very little is needed and although break-in takes longer than other cottons, once saturated fully, it’s wicks unbelievably. No initial cotton taste and thrives at higher wattages. Keep wicks a slightly loser than you normally would as it expands a lot when saturated and keep ends reasonably short, with minimal flush out and you’ll be sorted. Great product. It’s all I use now.

  2. crmarais84 (verified owner)

    At first struggled using it, but eventually got it right and must say best cotton I used so far. Gives good flavour.

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