The Differences Between The Various Types of Stock Vape Coils

by | May 7, 2016 | News | 0 comments

Vaping is quite the experience, and everyone who does it likes to do things a little differently. Thankfully, most e-cigarettes and vape kits out there can be customized to such an extent as to give their user a completely unique experience each time. One of the most popular ways of doing so, is by making use of different coil-types in your system to get something different from your vaping experience. With these coils, the slightest change can make all the difference, so if you are into vaping, either as an ex-smoker, a hobbyist or a pro, why not familiarize yourself with them a little more. All of these coil types are largely available, and can be obtained when you buy vape kits and e-cigarettes for sale online.

Main Types of Coil Materials

There are 5 main materials which are used in stock coils:

Kanthal (highest ohms (resistance) out of all, only for non temp control vaping)
Nickel (low ohms and only for temp control)
Titanium (not as low ohms as nickel, and only for temp control vaping)
Stainless steel (lower ohms than kanthal, for temp control and non-temp control vaping)
Nichrome (not used so much, for non temp control vaping)

Some OHM Variations

1.5 OHM Coils

These coils are typically preferred by new vapors, especially those who are moving over to the vaping world as ex-smokers. Their relatively high resistance is great for enhancing flavor while still creating the sensation of smoking. They require relatively low wattage to work, and in fact are not great for high power output, which means they will help you conserve e-juice as well as battery power.

0.5 OHM Coils

These coils are typically preferred for vapers who have been at it for a while, but still like to vape casually as opposed to professionally. Their relatively low resistance makes for smooth vaping which bursts with flavor. They also allow for more play with regards to power output, supporting a range between 15 and 27Watts.

0.2 OHM Coils

For vapers who mean business and require high performance coils, these ones offer exceptionally low resistance and accommodation for epically high power output. These coils are not just for the casual vaper, but for those who take enjoyment in getting the most out of their kit that they can. The support of such a high wattage does mean that these coils will burn out quickly, chew through your e-juice and obliterate your battery life, but my goodness are they worth it.

So if you were having a hard time figuring out which coils are to your preference, hopefully this has been of some help.