E-Juice Flavours For Every Taste

by | May 8, 2016 | News | 0 comments

One of the things that has made vaping such a popular phenomenon is the staggering amount of unique and delicious flavors available for purchase. The creation of craft juices has become somewhat of a passion for many people, and it is because of this that there is an availability of international and local flavors which are perfect for everybody’s tastes. So if you have been struggling to find one that is just right for you, then consider experimenting with one or two of these flavors. Keep it up, there is almost certainly the perfect one out there for you.

For the Smoker

Since vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking, it is only natural to assume that there are plenty of flavors around that accommodate to ex-smokers. I have personally tried a great deal of the flavors in this category and I’ve been hard pressed to find one that I don’t like. Of course there are a few that have stood out thanks to their bursting flavor which is not only delicious, but true to the savory warmth of genuine tobacco. Out of these, I found the Craft Crossroads flavor to be the best. It combines the tastes of fine tobacco and mild caramel to create a flavor that is unique, tasty and perfect for staving off those nicotine cravings.

Something fruity

Fruity flavors might not be for everyone, but the right ones certainly appeal to most vapers. This flavor range is reminiscent of hubbly smoke, where molasses tobacco is often infused with rich tastes of strawberry, cherry, apple, pear and just about every other fruit under the sun. E-juices which follow this trend have done a brilliant job of creating the perfect taste which is true to its flavor, while eliminating the sickly carbon taste of burning coal. In this range my preferred flavor comes from the E-Liquid Project’s Damn Peachy, which tastes exactly like it sounds.

The Sweet Tooth

Who would have thought that our beloved sweet-stuff would work perfectly as a vape flavor… everyone of course! And I’m not just talking about your standard caramel or chocolate flavors. There are scores of e-liquids which perfectly simulate the taste of a Crème-Soda Sterri Stumpi, a box of Lemon Creams or a tasty jar of pure honey. I might be biased towards sweet stuff here, but all of the flavors in this category are my favorite.

Take me back to my childhood

Who (those of us who are not bachelors) remembers sitting down to a nice milky bowl of Fruit Loops in the morning, and then suffering the sugar-rush all that day? I do, and I still pay tribute to those memories by using the Tango Mike e-juice from Larry’s Vape Juice which tastes exactly like the cereal; not sort of like it or reminiscent of it… literally exactly as tasty and sugary as it should.

As you can see, there is more to choose from here than can be found in a packet of Berty Bott’s every flavor beans, so get testing today. If you would like to find these flavors and so many more, take a look at the Vaper’s Corner website for more information on their selection and to buy vape kits and e-cigarettes online.