A New Image For Smokers: Vaping

by | May 10, 2016 | News | 0 comments

If you are a smoker, then you probably started for any number of reasons. Perhaps you just fell into it, you did it for image, curiosity or rebelliousness. Whatever your reasons for starting smoking, I am sure that now, some many years down the line, you regret the decision in having realized that the image attached to it is somewhat of an unfavorable one. Unfortunately, many of us smokers realized this when it was too late, and now our undesirable habit is one that is often regarded as one that is attached to an equally undesirable image of a dry skinned old man who reeks of stale tobacco and can’t climb a flight of stairs. Thankfully there is a way out. A way that you can continue to get your nicotine without smelling like an ashtray, watching your skin age rapidly or causing irreversible damage to your body; and that answer, my nicotine addicted friends, is vaping.

Smoking: Then and Now

It was a long time ago, but there are still plenty of people who can remember smoking cigarettes on airplanes, in grocery stores and even in the cinema. The stigma attached to smoking was far less dire back then, and with good reason. While we all knew that smoking was bad for us, there was no real attention paid to its actual dangers, not only for the smoker but for those around them. In fact, in many sects of society, smoking seemed to empower people, to create a favorable image of the person who knows what they want and sets out to get it, thanks to clever and uninhibited advertising; why even the Flintstones released a Marlboro advert at one point.

But as our awareness of the harm of smoking grew, so too did our society’s desire to stop it. The first point of action in this regard, was to wipe away the favorable image of the smoker, and replace it with one who is at a disadvantage comparable only to the sickly. And it has been this image that many smokers have been trying to shake, without actually having to stop smoking.

Why Vaping is Better

Of course stopping smoking is no easy task, and so many have found themselves pinned with the unfavorable stigma. This has been the case right up to the point of introduction of vaping, which has allowed smokers to get their fix without sacrificing their health, image and smell.

Vaping in the Public Eye

In fact, such a favorable image of vaping has been created that it has been hailed by many as a beneficial cultural phenomenon. There are vaping competitions filled with those who consider themselves professionals, new flavors out every day, stores where you can buy vape kits and e-cigarettes for sale online, and constant research into the benefits and harms of vaping, with results which exceed those that smoking ever did, as far as public favorability is concerned.

So if you are looking to reinvent your smoggy image, try switching over to vaping. It is a far healthier alternative and in fact, is seen favorably in many sects of society. So take a look at Vaper’s Corner’s website today for a list of their various products.