The Not-So-Harmful Vaping Benefits

by | Jul 4, 2016 | News | 1 comment

Since vaping as a cultural phenomenon, and a brilliant way to quit smoking cigarettes exploded onto the scene a few years ago, there has been a debate happening under the surface with regards to the real vaping benefits when using e-cigarettes.  Since many people turn to the use of these devices as a way to combat smoking, it is not surprising to find a certain degree of concern with regards to the health deficits that they pose. While very few solid studies have been conducted into the harmful effects of vaping, those that have been done have shown that in comparison to traditional cigarettes, vaping benefits outweigh the concerns. So as an ex-smoker who has turned to the world of e-cigarettes, I have decided to launch my own investigation into the matter.

Vaping Benefits vs Dangers vs. cigarettes

As an ex-smoker of nearly 20 years, I can attest to the difference that I feel since switching over to e-cigarettes. Within just a few short weeks, my lungs have cleared up, I’ve lost my morning cough and I find it much easier to breathe at night. However could this be a placebo effect? A little research told me otherwise.

Vapes are free from the substantial amounts of tar and carbon and tar that one has to ingest when they set fire to a stick of straw and inhale it into their lungs. Much of the dangerous ingredients that can be found in commercial cigarettes are over-shadowed by the simple fact that you, as a smoker, are habitually inhaling carbon and all of the nastiness that comes with it, the same applies to hubblies by the way. The vaping benefits of the “smoke” that is given off by e-cigarettes is not only much cleaner than what would be produced by tobacco smoke, but the fact that it isn’t smoke, already makes it a much better alternative.

But what about popcorn lung?

Popcorn lung, most tobacco companies claim, is a direct result of vaping, and it is an irreversible disease whereby scarring is formed on the lungs due to the inhalation of propylene glycol, one of the key ingredients found in e-juice. But this ingredient is also found in tooth-paste, flavour enhances, and you guessed it, pop-corn flavouring (hence the name of the illness). This vicious rumour, which was started by tobacco companies isn’t far off of the mark, however its dangers have been greatly exaggerated. The lobbyists neglected to mention that you are 70% more likely to contract the illness from cigarettes than from vapes, and I’m sure that further studies (funded by honest folks without an agenda) will reinforce this to be a fallacy.

So if you have been looking to switch over from smoking to vaping but aren’t too sure about the health benefits. Take it from me, just about anything is better than smoking, and these devices prove it. Why not consider getting yourself vape kits or e-cigarettes online by visiting the Vaper’s Corner website, or visit our store to find out more.