Top 8 Vape Flavours (As Chosen By Vapers)

by | Aug 2, 2016 | News | 0 comments

Top Vape Flavours

Before we begin unlocking the various vape flavours, let us just say that this article is obviously subjective and the product of a small survey. We know there will be differences due to demographic factors, but this is what we found in the South of Johannesburg.

There are so many vape flavours available to today’s vaper that they are simply spoilt for choice. There are some weird and wonderful names out there and you might often think to yourself, “what does Galaxy taste like? Or, I wonder if I can blow big clouds with Happy Ending”.

Many Vapers are in pursuit of finding that perfect flavour in terms of taste and, of course, cloud blowing ability. It can be hard, expensive and time consuming going through each flavour to find your favourite. I have done you a solid by compiling a list of 8 of the best flavours, chosen by vapers. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to do anything for me right now, but one day, there may come a time when I call upon you to ask a favour… sorry, I got caught up there, here are the best vape flavours out at the moment:

Remember eating the fruity goodness that is fruit loops as a kid and then drinking the milk straight out the bowl? This flavour tastes like that milk

Earnestly Hemmingway
Earnest Hemmingway would definitely have loved this flavour of e-liquid. It is a combination of roasted nuts, oaked bourbon and a sprinkle of coconut.

This is the ultimate dessert flavour, a combination of tart apples drizzled in syrup and drenched in fresh cream.

Bubbly Crème soda float
If you love crème soda then you will love this desserty, refreshing vape flavour which tastes like you somehow got the perfect ratio of crème soda to vanilla ice-cream.

Duchess reserve
This flavour has won awards!! Enough said!

This is a rather fruity blend with blackcurrant and apple apples present but with a slight menthol touch to it to make it even fresher.

This flavour will transport you to a beach somewhere, sipping on watermelon and summer fruit cocktails.

Pining Juliet
This has a crisp pineapple flavour with a bit of extra bite created by a dash of menthol; that lingers in the mouth after the exhale.

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