“Innovaping”: The Latest Vaping Technology Trends

by | Mar 2, 2017 | News | 0 comments

The vaping industry has become increasingly competitive and dynamic over the last couple of years, with vaping technology developing at a rapid page.  It seems like a new vaping device is released every day, and new flavours appearing on shelves throughout the vaping community. Aimed at simplifying and improving the vaping experience for avid e-cigarette enthusiasts, the rapid release of these products drives the industry forward at a spectacular pace. It is not surprising, then, that the vaping technology available today make the products of only a few years ago seem as outdated as matching sibling outfits.

The future of vaping technology is very promising and you can expect a lot more ease and convenience (and customisations) to be added to electronic cigarettes as advancements in technology continue to occur. We take a look at some of the tech trends that shaped vaping in 2015:

  • Temperature Control (TC) devices: Giving rise to a vaping revolution, TC has taken vaping to a whole new level of convenience and sophistication. This vaping technology is a must-have feature and entails setting the temperature of your atomiser instead of selecting the voltage or power output of the mod. The mod then automatically monitors the temperature and adjusts the power to maintain the coil at that level.
  • Sub-Ohm tanks: In the past, if you wanted billowing thick clouds, it meant buying a mechanical or box mod, Kanthal wire as well as organic cotton. Those who don’t understand Ohm’s law or coil building were excluded, but now even the most inexperienced vaper can blow out colossal clouds simply by purchasing a Sub-Ohm tank.
  • Adjustable airflow for drip tips: Top-mounted drip tips have allowed for easier airflows, cooling heated Sub-Ohm tanks to provide a velvety vapour, ultimately allowing for a smoother vaping experience.

Vaping technology trends to look out for in 2016

Current vaping devices have been transformed so that vapers’ can customise their vaping experience to deliver the individual results they want, from a smooth and satisfactory throat hit to better flavour and bigger, thicker clouds. After seeing vaping technology become more intuitive and intelligent, one has to wonder what vaping technology will alter in 2016:

  • Improved batteries: Despite several current devices having high mAh capacities, a large frustration for heavy vapers is having to recharge before the day is even over. The battery life of e-cigarettes will most likely become more efficient thanks to lithium-ion polymer technology and batteries will make a general shift to being safer.
  • Longer lasting coils: Atomiser coils currently tend to last between two to three weeks, however we can expect this to soon turn into months rather than weeks. There has already been a lot of testing regarding how different metals affect the lifespan of coils and longer lasting atomiser coils are not far off.
  • Quality over quantity: Vaping isn’t an easily dismissed passing fad anymore. More participation and higher demand has caused manufacturers of vaping products to focus on the quality of the devices to ensure a pleasurable smoking experience for vapers. Electronic cigarettes will become more streamlined with added convenience for the user.

Ensure that you get the most out of your vaping experience by investing in good quality vaping products from the get-go.