Electronic Cigarette 101 – What You Need To Know

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Electronic Cigarette 101

The vaping trend has taken the world by storm, and companies are constantly developing new devices to suit everyday vaping needs. Electronic cigarettes are one of those device typesI. 

What are they?

So what is an electronic cigarette?  Many hardcore vapers take offence when people attach electronic cigarettes to the definition of “vaping”, but there is some truth in it.  Although not a vape-mod in the strictest sense, there are a few core elements that are used in getting both vape-mods, and electronic cigarettes to create the voluminous clouds that we all know and love. 

Electronic cigarettes run on battery-power, as does a vape mod, and some use replaceable batteries.  However, the more common variety use built-in batteries that have to be charged through a built-in port on the body of the electronic cigarette.  However, the capacity of the electronic cigarette’s battery is usually a lot smaller than a vape mod, as the body is smaller, and so naturally, the larger the body, the larger the batter it can take.

An electronic cigarette also has an atomiser, and a coil too.  They might not be rebuildable or customisable, but they work just as well as any stock coil that you can get for a vape mod.  The nice thing about electronic cigarette coils though, is that they’re easy to change and replace, and don’t require lengthy recoiling and replacement times.

In essence, electronic cigarettes are self-contained, mini vape units.  They don’t require hours of training to use, and can be up and running straight out of the box (once you have added the flavour that you’re wanting).  They’re long and cylindrical to mimic the shape, look, and feel of a regular cigarette (albeit, slightly larger than the normal cigarettes that people are used to), but still being a lot smaller, and easier to use than a standalone RBA or RTA.

Electronic Cigarette Pros and Cons?

As with anything in life, there are pros and cons to electronic cigarettes.  If they were perfect, no-one would use anything else, however if they were bad, they wouldn’t be used at all.  Because of this, we have listed a few of the main benefits and problems people find with electronic cigarettes.


So why would someone go for an electronic cigarette, as opposed to using a customisable vape system, or RBA?  Well, there are many benefits to using electronic cigarettes, some of them parallel benefits that one would get from using any vaping device, whereas there are also other benefits that help set them apart from the rest of the crowd, and we’re going to delve into those now.


The first (and most obvious) benefit is the health benefits to be gained from electronic cigarettes.  As implied in the name, they are offered as an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes, and the health benefits are huge.  As we all know, it’s not the nicotine in cigarettes that kills people, but rather the other foreign elements included in cigarettes, such as tar, and the excess carbon-monoxide that’s produced.  However, as vaping doesn’t require the use of tar or other elements in the production and use, it means that there’s an immediate health benefit.  Nicotine is added, as electronic cigarettes were created as a way to break free of smoking addiction, and so the levels and strengths of nicotine can be adjusted to suit each individual need.


The first benefit is size.  Electronic cigarettes are very small compared to regular vape mod devices.  Usually they have a slightly larger diameter than a ballpoint pen, and they’re about the same length.  This means that you can store one in your handbag, jacket, or pants pocket with ease.  The smaller size also means a smaller tank, which means you won’t have to go through ml’s of a single flavour before you can change the taste.  With 1ml or 2ml tanks, they offer bite-sized amounts of flavour, just enough to keep you happy without getting bored.


Although you wouldn’t think so, long-term electronic cigarette use can be a lot cheaper than regular cigarette use.  There’s an initial start-up cost when getting your electronic cigarette, and these can be anywhere from R400-R1500, but once you’ve collected the various e-liquids and flavours you’re wanting, the monthly costs compared to regular smoking will drop drastically.  Studies have shown that it can be up to 40% cheaper long-term than regular smoking.  And that’s through getting regular amounts of e-liquids.  Many people buy flavours in bulk to further save money. 


The next benefit, is the simplicity of it all.  Many professional vapers and cloud-chasers prefer using RBA mods to create their own custom-made coils for the perfect cloud, and this tends to put people off vaping, as it looks too complicated to get into.  However, with electronic cigarettes, simplicity is key.  As they’re made of self-contained segments (coil head, tank, battery etc), it’s easy to maintain.  If a part breaks or gets old, you simply replace it, and carry on vaping.  No need for custom coils, expanded tanks, or higher-capacity batteries.  A simple buy-and-switch, or (in the case of low batteries) plug-in-and-charge, and you can use your electronic cigarette in no time.


Where there are benefits, there are also problems.  Although not deal-breaking overall, they should be mentioned as well.


Electronic cigarettes are smaller than regular vape mods, this is true.  However, because of the small size, the battery has to be smaller too.  What does this mean for you?  It means that although the charge time is reduced, so is the overall use time of an electronic cigarette.


As mentioned with the battery, size is an issue.  The fluid-tank sizes on electronic cigarettes are a lot smaller than that on a RBA or RDTA.  This means that a unicorn bottle filled with your flavour of the day must always be on hand, as it won’t take long for you to finish your “Tutti-Frutti” or “Milk Tart” vape flavours.  Time will have to be taken to fill up the tank as well.


Ignoring the popular consensuses that “electronic cigarettes aren’t vaping devices”, as stated by professional cloud chasers and Vapers, there is something that has to be said about the clouds produced by an electronic cigarette.  Because each component is self-contained, it’s very difficult to engineer the voltage and coils in such a way as to create the perfect billowing clouds that you see on Youtube and Facebook.  The clouds produced are usually fairly similar in size and texture; never large or particularly billowy.

In the grand scheme of things, after you weigh up the pros and cons of electronic cigarettes, the solution has to come down to personal choice.  You have to pick what feels right to you, and choose according to why you’re wanting to start vaping.  Whether to kick the smoking habit, or to become a cloud chaser, electronic cigarettes are an easier way to start the process.

Tips and Tricks

If we had to list every single tip, trick, and useful hint for electronic cigarettes out there, we would have to write a book on them.  However, there are a few useful tips to remember when using your electronic cigarette to get the most out of the experience.

Overfill is Overkill

Many people tend to overfill the tanks on their electronic cigarettes, as they want it to last as long as possible.  However, we don’t recommend you do that.  If you overfill the tank, it will cause the wick wrapped around the coil to become saturated, which in turn will reduce the airflow over the coil.  This will make your clouds feel weak and less full.  If you hear gurgling sounds when you try to draw a puff on your electronic cigarette, it means you overfilled your tank.


Something we all say before we go to bed?  “I need to recharge my batteries.”  However when it comes to electronic cigarettes, we often forget about that crucial detail.  What happens when the batteries get low on an electronic cigarette?  Well, the resistance on your atomiser will remain the same through use, until the battery reaches critical levels, after which you will experience smaller, less satisfying puffs from your electronic cigarette.  As long as you remember to charge your device on a regular basis, this shouldn’t ever happen to you.

Keep It Clean

The last tip we can offer is maintenance.  Always keep an eye on the chambers of your electronic cigarette.  Although it deals primarily with vapour, there’s always a slight residue left behind.  If left unchecked, this can lead up to a build-up of residue, which can alter the flavour of your clouds, or even reduce the size and thickness of the clouds you create.  By making sure you keep the insides of your electronic cigarette clean, you’ll be able to puff away quite contentedly for years to come.