How to select the right vape device

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When it comes to starting out as a vaper, you might be overwhelmed by which vape device to buy.  The choices are limitless, with vape pens, box mods, mechanical mods, and custom coils being mentioned left, right, and center.  So what types of vape device are out there, and which one should you go for?  This article should help shed some light on the subject, and blow away the clouds surrounding vaping.

Vape Pens

The first kind of vape device that you\’ll encounter is a vape pen.  Sometimes called e-cigarettes, they\’re fairly common for casual vapers, who are using vaping as a way to kick the smoking habit.  As the name implies, they\’re long and narrow, shaped not unlike a writing pen.  The size and shape means that they\’re usually powered by a single 18650 battery, or are equipped with a rechargeable, closed-system battery.  The benefits from using the vape pen-style vape device, is that they\’re discreet.  They\’re small, which means they can fit in a handbag, pocket, or desk drawer without being conspicuous.  They\’re a \”fill and go\” style vape device, with very few settings, tweaks, or requirements to be met before you can start using them.  A low wattage means low clouds however, so if you\’re aiming to be a cloud chaser, then a vape pen isn\’t the best option for you.

Pod Mods

The next variant of a vape device is the pod mod.  This one is similar to a vape pen, but even easier to use.  Where the vape pen can often have external batteries, and will need to be filled each time the e-liquid runs low, the pod-based devices don\’t need that.  As the name implies, the flavour is stored in small, easy to replace pods.  Although this means that you won\’t be able to get every delicious flavour that one can find in a vape store, such as Flavair\’s Mad Mango or Keep It 100\’s Blue Slushie.  Howver, the ease of not needing to carry a flavour bottle around, or risk messing during the filling process more than makes up for that.  You even get some pod mods that are breath-activated, which means you won\’t need to press a button to heat up the coils.  This mod is definitely useful for the discreet vaper.

Box Mods

The third kind of vape device that\’s commonly seen is box mods.  This variant of vape device has a larger range and more options for the amateur and professional vaper alike.  These vape devices are significantly larger than vape pens, and for a good reason.  They generally have a larger battery capacity, and often offer variable wattage.  What does this mean for the layman?  It means that the flavour and intensity of the clouds created can be adjusted and tweaked to suit the vaper.  Mod boxes often allow the vaper the flexibility to attach their own sub-ohm tanks to the vape device, which means that you\’re not stuck with the standard stock coils that you\’d get if you were using a vape pen.

The other useful aspect about this kind if vape device, is because it takes custom tanks, it means that the tank size will be bigger than a vape pod or vape pen.  The difference between a 2.0ml and a 6.5ml tank is HUGE, especially for an avid vaper, who likes to enjoy their flavours over long periods of time.  Having the ability to add custom coils to the box mod also means that these vape devices serve as stepping stones for the next kind of vape device, namely mechanical mods.

Mechanical Mods

The creme de la creme of vaping, is the mechanical mod.  They\’re made up of a few components, but which components are used, makes all the difference in the world.  In simple terms, this vape device is a body that houses a power source, and an atomizer.  You press the button, and the coils in the atomizer heat up to vaporise the e-liquid into the clouds that we all know and love.  However, where it gets complicated, is that each coil has to be hand-built before the device can be used.  Many of the vape device accidents that you\’ve heard of in the news happen when beginners use this device without the proper knowhow.  You see, the wattage isn\’t regulated, so the coil thickness and length has to be just right in order to achieve the perfect balance between temperature and time.

These vape devices are used by expert vapers and cloud chasers, as they offer the greatest level of control when it comes to perfecting the art of vaping, and that\’s why they\’re so sought after by the experts.  If you\’re looking at achieving maximum enjoyment, clouds, and flavour, and you have a great deal of patience when it comes to coils, then this kind of vape device is the one for you.

Which vape device should I pick?

Which one indeed?  Well the perfect vape device for one person might not be the same for another.  It all comes down to what use you\’ll be needing it for.  If you\’re a casual vaper, or are taking up vaping to kick a smoking habit, then a pod or pen would be the best option for you.  That being said, if you prefer custom vape flavours, and don\’t mind using a bottle to fill your device, then choose pen over pod.

If you\’re a more avid vaper, and don\’t want to wait as long inbetween charges, then a box mod vape device is what you should go for.  These are also recommended for cloud chasers, or vapers who like to tweak their devices\’ wattage and ohms.

If you\’re wanting to become the king of all vaping, with the perfect clouds, and finding the best temperature to unlock all the flavours of an e-liquid, then a mechanical mod is the clear choice for your vape device.