Top tips for a quality vaping experience – Part 1

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Top tips for a quality vaping experience – Part 1

With the global explosion in the popularity of vaping, comes the unfortunate side effect – a mushrooming of illicit producers and suppliers of vaping products and devices.

While there are plenty of places to shop and plenty of brands to choose from, the selection ranges from excellent, top-quality options, to cheap, shoddy ones. Knowing how to identify the cheap-and-nasty products is important, both from a cost and health perspective.

How to tell a good product from a bad one

So what separates ‘excellent’ from ‘not-so-great’ products? We’ll highlight five of the top tell-tale signs to look out for when purchasing your device, or topping up on your e-liquid.

Before we start, it’s important to note that price doesn’t always equal quality – the most expensive device isn’t necessarily the best. The same goes for e-liquids.  Let’s explore the indicators of a good quality product, starting with the heating chamber.

#1 – The heating chamber

The heating chamber must perform well and must be easy to clean. This helps avoid getting old material and flavours stuck in your vaporizer. It’s also important that the chamber heats quickly, and is made of a good quality material like ceramic or stainless steel. Cheap materials can absorb flavours, and are easily damaged.

#2 – The vaporizer material

Like a good BPA-free water bottle, a vaporizer made from medical-grade materials will ensure the vapor you inhale is pure. Remember that you’re essentially inhaling hot air, which you don’t want passing through cheap plastic, creating potentially toxic fumes. You also won’t get a plastic taste along with your vape flavour.


It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of cheap and readily accessible devices and e-liquids, but the bottom line is that it’s always best to purchase your products from a legitimate supplier, such as Vaper’s Corner.  We have everything you need for a safe and top-notch vaping experience, without the risk of the unknown.